The sofas that can make up a suite of riser recliners

There’s no question of the positive impact that rise and recline chairs have long had on the lives of people who struggle to stand and sit down in comfort. Whether the user is elderly or has mobility problems due to another condition, chairs like those on offer from Express Recliners ( help immeasurably to improve their quality of life.


However, what happens if there is a wider household of sufferers, or if the occupier of the house is likely to receive visitors who would similarly appreciate riser recliners in which to sit? Well, one might imagine that buying several such chairs is an idea, or even better, they might look to the extensive selection of Celebrity and Sherborne sofas that Express Recliners stocks.


Sherborne, for example, offers sofas in ranges like Keswick, Lynton, Comfisit and Malvern, to name just a few, with the chairs’ British manufacture from the finest beech and oak frames, in addition to being upholstered by the hands of skilled craftsmen, ensuring that they last just as long as their equivalents in the rest of the Sherborne riser recliner range.


The Sherborne Keswick range, for example, is characterised by beautifully contemporary looks, combined with everything that is needed to ensure the utmost in comfort, including soft padded arms and a contoured back. The result is the brilliant lumber and head support that you’d expect from Sherborne, and similar sentiments can be extended to the Bronte range, with its more elegant style touches and such comfort-enhancing features as polished beech knuckles, a luxury soft waterfall back and full chaise leg rest.


Other Sherborne sofas that can be depended on to provide years of uninterrupted comfort include those of the Norvik range, with such features as a deep comfy sprung seat and sumptuous fibre filled back cushion ensuring that the chairs in this range represent the last word in luxury. A slightly more laid back option, meanwhile, can be found in the Carnforth range of both fixed and recliner 2 and 3 seater sofas, which nonetheless remain a great complement to the modern home.


Customers that turn their attentions to Celebrity chairs, meanwhile, can choose sofas from the long-running Woburn range, with both fixed and recliner options boasting such features as full sprung seating, elegant scroll arms and a deep button back. Also represented is the modern classic that is the Grosvenor range, with fixed and recliner sofas available that incorporate all of the range’s defining characteristics, such as deep fibre filled double back cushions, an elegant scroll arm design and full chaise sprung seating.


Given that rise recline chairs from both Celebrity and Sherborne prove such a godsend to all manner of people with mobility issues, it’s not surprising that Express Recliners ( continues to sell its sofas in great numbers to those that require the greater capacity.



Why invest in a recliner from the Celebrity Woburn range?


Celebrity is unquestionably one of the biggest brands in the world of rise and recline chairs – which is just one reason why we stock so many of their chairs here at Express Recliners (


However, as we have mentioned previously on the blog, there are also many styles of Celebrity chairs within the range, which can make it difficult to choose one that is perfectly suited to your own individual needs. After all, riser recliners surely all serve the same basic purpose of making it easier to get in and out of a chair, so how much can they truly vary?


Well, the one thing that Celebrity Woburn recliners certainly have in common with other Celebrity chairs of this type is quality. These recliner risers are built to a high standard and offer optimum comfort, meaning that you need no longer struggle to stand and sit. Customers can also choose between single and dual motor options, as is the case with the higher-selling Westbury range.


There are, however, some differences from the brand’s other chairs that you should be aware of. For one thing, Celebrity Woburn chairs are especially known for their classic design style, with beautiful scroll arms that only make them more pleasant places to sit. There’s also a slight difference in the sizes on offer that are vital in ensuring the best fit. Whereas Westbury riser recliners are available in Petite, Standard and Grande, Woburn offers all of those sizes as well as an option called Compact, which is slightly smaller than Standard.


Whatever Celebrity Woburn riser you choose, every time you want to leave your seat, it’s a simple case of pressing a button and being eased up, gently and slowly to your feet. Opting for a single motor means that you’ll need to raise your legs before the back can be reclined, whereas a double motor allows for the independent operation of the footrest and back of the chair, giving you more seating options. Both options, though, incorporate the easy lift facility that makes standing and sitting as effortless as you like.


Other attractive features of Woburn Celebrity recliner chairs include their full width chaise seating and fibre filled back, providing the very best head and lumber support. There’s even the option of an in-built massage, with heat that really soothes away those everyday aches and pains. And if you like the look of your Celebrity Woburn chair, then why not compliment it in your living room with a two or three seater sofa in the same style, in a pleasing colour like Arizona Sand, Topaz Green or Rimini Gold?


And of course, that’s not even covering the many benefits of buying a Celebrity Woburn riser recliner chair specifically from Express Recliners, such as our free national delivery into the room of your choice. Visit now to find out more about shopping with us.


A guide to some of the best petite riser recliner chairs

The comfort and support of your rise and recline chair is of utmost importance and if you are short in stature then you’ll appreciate the range of petite specialist chairs from the most respected manufacturers available at Express Recliners (

Quality riser recliners should support the entire body, from the back of the head down to the feet. As the chair rises up and reclines down, the full length of the body should be safely and securely held in comfort no matter what the proportions of the person seated. Many of the customers of Express Recliners require the dimensions of smaller rise recline chairs and there are a number of excellent styles that fit the bill:

Celebrity Westbury Petite Rise & Recline This chair has an attractive and comfortable fully-upholstered three cushion waterfall back. This style of back provides superior support for the lumbar and the head. Another beneficial feature is the softly upholstered arms with solid beech wood knuckles which make it easy to gain a firm grip when getting into and out of the chair. The Celebrity Westbury range comes in three sizes, Petite, Standard and Grande.

Celebrity Woburn Petite Rise & Recline The other Celebrity recliner which includes a petite size is the Woburn. With scroll arms which are wider than the Westbury, the Woburn also features full width chaise seating which gives adequate seat space even in the petite size. Choose from either manual action, working on body weight, or power action which raises the legs and reclines the back at the touch of a button.

Sherborne Lynton Petite Rise & Recline Fans of wing-backed chairs will appreciate the Sherborne Lynton Rise & Recline chair, as the winged back is one of many elegant features which are also included in the petite size. The Sherborne Lynton remains one of the most popular specialist chairs in the Express Recliners’ range. The Sherborne Lynton Knuckle is the latest addition to the Sherborne range, also available in petite, with the added benefit of beech knuckles to aid grip.

Sherborne Keswick Petite Rise & Recline Another petite possibility is the Keswick, which has a more contemporary shape than others in the Sherborne range thanks to a more contoured design. Available with a single or dual motor, note that the single motor will only recline the back when the leg rest is fully extended.

Sherborne Malvern Rise & Recline Another Sherborne option which comes in four sizes is the Malvern, available in Small, Standard, Royale and even in a 2 seater sofa option. Featuring the same high standards of upholstery and the attractive design seen in the rest of the Sherborne range, the small size of the Malvern is a great choice for those looking for a petite riser recliner.

The Express Recliners website at features a useful size chart which ensures that you choose the right size of your rise and recline chair at the point of purchase.


Top 5 reasons to choose Express Recliners

Rise and recline chairs are among the biggest selling specialist furniture items in the UK, with Celebrity Chairs and Sherborne Upholstery being the two most popular brands. So as one would expect, there are a good number of suppliers of these recliners in Britain to choose from. Luckily, there are just as many reasons to choose Express Recliners ( – here are the top five.

1.            Lowest Price Guaranteed

Once you have perused the Express Recliners website to choose your rise and recline chair from the extensive range, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is no need to then compare the price offered by Express Recliners with that of its competitors. That’s thanks to Express Recliners’ Price Promise, which offers you the lowest price on every product, every day, guaranteed. This Price Promise is not just for products found online, but also for those in retail outlets in the UK. If in the highly unlikely instance that you do find a product cheaper elsewhere, then Express Recliners will be pleased to beat that price*.

2.            0% VAT

When you choose Express Recliners, not only are you assured of the lowest price possible, but also of the fact that you will pay 0% VAT on your purchase. There is no VAT to pay on any of the riser recliners from Express Recliners for anyone with a disabling condition or chronic illness. This applies to nearly all of the purchasers of rise and recline chairs given the chairs’ health benefits, which makes this an offer open to the vast majority of Express Recliners’ clients.

3.            7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Choosing rise recline chairs online, and therefore without sitting in them first, can be daunting. Which is why Express Recliners have ensured that there is as much product information online as possible, and that their expert advisers are on hand to answer any queries over the telephone before you purchase. What is even more helpful, however, is their 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason you can receive your money back within 7 working days of the delivery date. You may also receive replacement parts for any damaged parts or even receive a brand new chair (subject to availability). All you have to do is notify Express Recliners within 72 hours of delivery*.

4.            Free National Delivery

Speaking of delivery, Express Recliners offers free delivery nationwide throughout the UK. What’s more, your chair is not simply deposited at your door, leaving you to struggle to position it in the desired place within your home. The professional, polite and helpful Express Recliners delivery personnel will move your chair directly into the room of your choice, unpacking the chair completely and helping to show you how it works. You’d be surprised how many suppliers of rise and recline chairs do not offer the same service!

5.            Free 5 Year Guarantee

Rise and recline chairs rely on electrical components which make up the chair’s mechanical workings to ensure the correct rise and recline action. They also rely on quality frames which will withstand everyday use. All of these are covered by Express Recliners’ Free 5 Year Guarantee, yet another reason to purchase with confidence.

Find out even more reasons to choose Express Recliners, and view the entire range, at

*see website for conditions


The many health benefits of riser recliner chairs

You may think you know all there is to know about a standard riser recliner chair: it helps you stand out of and lower into the seat with far more ease than a traditional chair. But in fact riser recliners offer more health benefits than simply aiding mobility, as leading purveyor of this specialist furniture, Express Recliners (, explains.

First, the rising and reclining action of the back and lower leg sections of the chair can help with circulation, allowing the blood to flow more freely with increased movement and elevation of the legs. Problems with circulation can affect all of us as we age, and these chairs can help circulate the blood even if we move around less as we get older.

If you can move around freely but suffer from long-term back pain, then riser recliners can be of great benefit. Their design incorporates superior back, neck and head support when compared to most traditional chairs which can help with a variety of back problems. The support in the lower leg area can also help relieve arthritis pain for those who cannot bear weight on their knees or ankles.

And finally, the most obvious health benefit of these chairs, helping with mobility, should not be overlooked. Whether your limited mobility is caused by illness or age, is moderate or severe, rise and recline chairs are an ideal way of ensuring your comfort at home. For those with more advanced mobility issues, being able to sit in an armchair thanks to the rise and recline function and not just be confined to bed all day is a significant benefit. Not only does it help the sufferer enjoy more freedom, spending time in other parts of the house thereby lifting their spirits and improving the quality of their day, but they can also help to prevent pressure sores caused by staying in one position for too long.

Not only do these specialist chairs make rising and reclining into the chair easy and pain-free, as one would expect, but when you choose a quality model such as the Sherborne and Celebrity chairs found here at Express Recliners, your back, neck and head are also perfectly supported. This is very important because most people with limited mobility, even those with short-term mobility issues, can experience back and joint pain from not being able to move around freely. Quality riser recliners not only help you get in and out of a comfortable seat, but their excellent lumbar support helps protect your spine while you are seated.

To browse one of the most extensive selections of Britain’s finest riser recliners, go to the Express Recliners website at

What makes Sherborne rise and recline chairs a cut above the rest?

If you are looking for riser recliners (comfortable, supportive, upholstered chairs which assist you in sitting and standing) then you are bound to come across the name Sherborne. That is because they are one of the leading manufacturers of these type of chairs and are highly respected in the specialist furniture industry. Here, Express Recliners ( explains what it is that makes Sherborne rise and recline chairs a cut above the rest.

First, it’s the prestigious background of the Sherborne company itself. A family company, founded over 80 years ago and spanning three generations, Sherborne has now grown to employing 250 people who work across the two factories in Bradford. This makes the Sherborne company one of the most experienced manufacturers in rise and recliners in the UK, and positions the Sherborne chair as one of the best-sellers in the industry.

Then there is the impressive level of craftsmanship involved in the design, development and manufacture of Sherborne chairs. The company has put its 80 years experience to good use, continually honing and fine tuning its craft over the decades. Today’s Sherborne manufacturing processes draw heavily on these nurtured skills, while combining them with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment as well as the finest of materials.

There is also the care and consideration which is evident in each and every Sherborne rise and recliner. Consideration has clearly been made as to how someone with limited mobility will best be assisted in sitting into and standing out of their chair, while great care has gone into ensuring they have complete lumbar and neck support and supreme comfort.

And finally, what makes Express Recliners a cut above the competition when it comes to sourcing your Sherborne recliner? A proven track record of excellence in customer service; extensive experience in the rise and recline chairs market; over 40 years experience in the specialist retail furniture industry; and free delivery directly into the room of your choice, including a demonstration of your new rise and recline chair. Find out yet more reasons at

Focus on our Celebrity Riser Recliner chairs

At Express Recliners (, we stock a wide selection of the two leading brands of rise and recline chairs, Celebrity Furniture and Sherborne Upholstery. Here, we focus on our Celebrity Riser Recliner chairs, introducing you to the seven choices within the range.

Westbury The Celebrity Westbury is our top selling rise and recliner, making standing and sitting effortless no matter what your age or mobility. The Westbury Standard is available with a single motor (where the back can recline only when the legs are raised) or a dual motor (with the back and the footrest working independently of each other), with both options providing an easy way to sit and stand. The Celebrity Westbury is available in Petite, Standard and Grande sizes, with all models featuring an attractive and soft yet supportive waterfall back.

Woburn The Celebrity Woburn is another highly popular choice in riser recliners. Featuring the same single or dual motor options as the Westbury, the Woburn has a classic design style including beautiful scroll arms. As for the Westbury, it comes in Petite, Standard and Grande, but there is also a Compact option with the Woburn, a slightly smaller version than the Standard.

Cotswold If you are looking for a more modern style of riser recliner, then the Celebrity Cotswold is for you. It’s contemporary square shape would complement any modern or indeed traditional interior, while the sprung seating and one piece back cushion provides excellent comfort. As with all the Celebrity chairs, there is a single and a dual motor option. You can co-ordinate your Cotswold rise and recliner with a matching 2 or 3 seater sofa and a fixed chair.

Sovereign The new Sovereign design is another modern style, featuring a three cushion back and generous full chaise seating dimensions. The covering material used is hard­-wearing without sacrificing softness and quality and is available in an array of attractive colourways. And of course, as for all Celebrity chairs, it makes sitting and standing a breeze.

Marlow The Celebrity Marlow is ideal for the more petite among us, being a compact rise and recliner. Choose from standard or petite but either way you will get a supremely comfortable two pillow back and head support, as well as the generous full chaise seating seen in the other models.

Grosvener The Celebrity Grosvener also nods to a modern aesthetic, but its scroll arm design adds a traditional touch. Comfort is once again assured thanks to deep filled fibre cushions and high quality sprung seating. There is also the opportunity to finish the look with a matching 2 or 3 seater sofa.

Regent The Regent is the very latest addition to the range of Celebrity chairs and offers slightly softer seating than any of the other designs. You still get the full leg support and easy rise and recline facility that you would expect from a Celebrity, and you are free to choose a standard or petite size.

For price details on all of these chairs and information on free delivery, go to the Express Recliners website at

Introducing the Sherborne Lynton Knuckle Riser Recliner Chair

Rise and recline chairs are ideal for the elderly and those with mobility challenges, but their comfort and convenience make them a great all-round furniture choice. At Express Recliners (, we stock a huge range of the finest riser recliners, and we’ll be taking a look at a selection of them here on our blog. First, may we introduce the excellent Lynton Knuckle from Sherborne Upholstery.

The Sherborne Lynton Knuckle truly is a master class in how to create a quality rise and recline chair. One touch of a button is all it takes to elevate or lower the spacious and ergonomically designed footrest, making sitting, reclining, rising and standing effortless, even for the elderly or infirm. Because this is a Sherborne chair, one can expect expert craftsmanship when it comes to not only the reliable mechanics of the chair, but also the attractive, highly comfortable and hard-wearing upholstery used throughout.

The Sherborne riser recliner range has been a market-leader for many years, with the Lynton being one of the most popular designs by far. Building on this success, and always looking to improve on the design of its chairs wherever possible, Sherborne added a solid beech knuckle to hold on to, in order to make standing and sitting even easier – and the Lynton Knuckle was born.

The chair comes either with a single or a dual motor, and while both options allow you to stand, sit and recline with ease, the single motor only allows the back to recline once the legrest is open to full. Choose the dual motor riser, however, and you have the ability to operate the back rest independently of the footrest, providing even more positioning options. Comfort and mobility does not come at the price of style, however, as the Lynton Knuckle features an attractive deep buttoned contoured back and wings, which not only provide superior lumbar, spine and head support, but also give the chair an elegant overall shape.

At Express Recliners, you can purchase one of the very best examples of rise and recline chairs, the Sherborne Lynton Knuckle, for just £749, with free delivery directly into the room of your choice. What’s more, the Lynton Knuckle qualifies for VAT exemption. For images and further product details go to the Express Recliners website at



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